Home Warranty and Insurance Referrals

At Bella Heat and Air we welcome all customers, Non-Warranty customers and Warranty Customers. Some of our clients are referred by a home warranty company or insurance company like American Home Shield or Landmark. These expectations do not reflect directly of specific contracts yet can be viewed as an overview or guideline on typical policies. 

For our customers who are coming from a Home Warranty/Insurance referral, we want to clear the air and give an upfront expectations guideline. 

Because the service for the Warranty is directly driven by a contract with Bella Heat and Air and the home warranty/insurance company there are guidelines that Bella Heat and Air must abide by. To maintain disclosure and keep customers satisfied we have developed this list of items to ensure that the Warranty/ Insurance customers are informed and aware of timelines, services, and repairs.

1. Scheduling Timeline - We will reach out to you within 24-48  business hours from the time Bella Heat & Air receives an uploaded work order from the Insurance Provider to make an appointment with one of our service technicians. The Home Warranty/Insurance company will contract Bella Heat and Air for the Repair. Once Bella Heat and Air is contacted by the Warranty/Insurance company, Bella Heat and Air has 24-48 business hours to contact the client. This is not the same as a 48-hour service turnaround for the work order. This is to make an appointment for our technicians to go to your home. If the claim is made on a Friday afternoon we will be able to reach out to you by Monday or Tuesday to schedule a technician appointment. When using a Warranty/Insurance company the process could be delayed due to internal processes and receiving the work order from the Warranty/Insurance company. 

2. Service Timeline -Depending on your policy guidelines and which Warranty/Insurance Provider you have, it is possible that we would have up to 48 business hours to a full business week to service the homeowner.  This is after we have contacted the homeowner within the 24-48 hour business day window to schedule an appointment. Once the appointment is made we have a 72-hour window to perform our services. Unfortunately, as the heat goes up so does the demand for services.

3. Who Is Served First - We service in a first come first serve basis for our Warranty/Insurance customers. Unfortunately when the weather peaks many units can run into problems. We do not go out of order when it comes to these repairs. During peak seasons this could delay the repair to your unit.

4. Returning to the Home - We will need an additional invoice to return to the home. Since the invoice and billing are directly going through the Warranty/Insurance Company, Bella Heat and Air are required to have an additional invoice made to return to the job site. This will require the client to initiate the return service through the Warranty/Insurance provider. 

5. Repairs Vs Replacement - Most Warranty/Insurance providers will only replace components that have mechanically failed. ie. If a component of your system has failed, then the Warranty/Insurance Provider will only cover a replacement component. The Warranty/Insurance Provider is not required to replace the entire system, even if one component has failed. Most Warranty/Insurance Providers will not cover redesigns of duct systems due to inefficiencies or improvement of airflow. Additionally, Warranty/Insurance Providers will not cover new insulation replacement to the structure of the house.

6. Attic Systems Overheating - Most Warranty/Insurance Companies will not cover attic ventilation systems. During the heat of the summer, some attic systems can overheat due to the lack of airflow in the attic space where the system is located. Often times the fix for this is to have cooler attic space. The Warranty/Insurance Company will not cover a ridge vent system to be installed or structural changes to the home to assist with cooling the attic space.

7. Other Contractors - If you feel that there is too much of a delay in the Warranty/Insurance process we encourage you to reach out to your Warranty/Insurance company to check the availability of other contractors. These vendors may be able to serve you faster in peak seasons.

We understand that these elements of the contract may be frustrating and can cause confusion on what to expect. We understand that providing optimal service is a must and we believe being upfront with our Warranty and Insurance clients about these matters are the best way to set expectations and have transparency. 

We will strive to do our best to serve the community as fast as we can. Please contact us if you have any questions about the expectations or if you would like any assistance with your Warranty/Insurance process. 



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